Parish and Outreach Groups

The Church of St. Francis Xavier has many different parish groups that participate in ministry and outreach.

To extend service to others beyond the walls of our immediate Parish, the Church of St. Francis Xavier works with external organizations in supportive and collaborative roles, and through volunteerism of our parishioners, to assist in addressing the diverse needs of our larger community. Such is the case of , The India Project Team, the Jesuit Collaborative and Ignatian Volunteer Corps. The later two are organizations within the Jesuit network.


Let’s End Hunger Together!

Another holiday season has come and gone and, as always, the Xavier community stepped up to support our neighbors who struggle with poverty, homelessness and inadequate food. However, winter 2015 has brought cold temperatures, continued poverty, and a new Congress that may need to be reminded of its duty to attend to the needs of ALL its constituents. It’s time once again to take action on the ever-present issue of hunger in America!
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Saturday, January 31st

A day of teaching, reflection, and meditation…
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Several members of Xavier Young Adults are attending January’s multi-parish SEEKERS RETREAT, presented by Charis NYC. January 30 – February 1, Mariandale Retreat Center (Ossining, NY).
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Don’t put away your Christmas sweater yet…
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Friday, January 9th

“God comes to us disguised as our life.” (Paula D’Arcy) Let’s start the new year by celebrating the kingdom within, led by some of our members with a reflection and exercise.
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Save the Date

Do you have any gift cards, theater/sports tickets, wine or other sellable and coveted items for auction?
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As Christians, we believe in the joy, laughter, and meaning that Christmas can bring. We also believe that our celebrations of Christmas should be consistent with the values of Christ, who was born in simple surroundings. We strive to see Christ in all human beings we encounter – the sick, the imprisoned, the poor, the mentally or chemically impaired – ALL are children of God and Christmas is a wonderful time to renew our service to those in need, particularly those who produce the goods Americans will spend (over $450 million according to the National Retail Federation)!
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Did you know…

“Seventeen million barrels of crude oil are used annually to manufacture the plastic bottles that are used once and then discarded…And only 13% of those bottles are actually recycled after being discarded…The rest go to landfills, where they leach toxic chemicals into the land.”(from the book Just Water)
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We, as consumers, shop in a world that wants to ship cheap goods freely and indiscriminately across the globe. This implicates us all in the dynamic of human trafficking. “Every one of us, every day, touches, wears, and eats products tainted with slavery. Slavery-made goods and commodities are everywhere in our lives.” (Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter, “The Slave Next Door”).
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Looking for the Opportunity to Make a Difference?

Have you been wondering how you can be more involved in our church? Are you looking for a way to deepen your spiritual commitment? The opportunity to serve may be the answer as we sincerely try to live the commandment “love our neighbors as ourselves”!
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